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Struggling with meal planning?

Now you don’t have to! Let’s make meal planning and grocery shopping easy, and dare I say… fun! I’ll teach you my 5 step system that will make you the most efficient shopper and cook on the block. No more throwing away all your fresh produce because it goes bad. It’s time to take charge of your kitchen, save some money, time, and ultimately, your sanity.

✔ Plan your meals and grocery shop in 15 minutes!

Cook more meals from home and save $

✔Make healthy recipes the whole family will love in 15-30 minutes

Stop wasting produce and start implementing it in your cooking more and more.

✔ Have a go-to meal cheat sheet that will make your meal planning much simpler.

Confidently serve your family dinner almost every night of the week, but still have the flexibility to enjoy a dinner out too!


What’s Included:

-40 minute training you can watch from anywhere at anytime!

– Lifetime access

-BONUS: Dinner Designs Digital Download

-BONUS: Healthy Kitchen Hacks Digital Downlaod

What You’ll Take Away From This Training:

1. TIME- What if I told you, you could get your meal planning AND grocery shopping done in just 15 minutes? Oh, and bonus, in this course I also teach you how to save time when you’re cooking your meals during the week too! No more eating out every night because you have no “time” to cook.

2. HOW TO CHOOSE MEALS- I break it down for you very simply by teaching you how to craft your meals for the whole week. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a practical step by step process that will give you the perfect amount of options for the week. It’s a beautiful thing 😍
3. WASTING/OVER-BUYING INGREDIENTS- making the mistake of buying too many groceries will be a thing of the past with the meal planning grocery guide hacks I provide you. You’ll learn how to utilize what’s already in your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer, to craft meals that save you money! I also provide you with my printable “Healthy Kitchen Hacks” that will give you the best ways to store produce to keep them fresh longer!

4 reviews for Meal Planning Course

  1. Jana Grote (verified owner)

    This mini-course was so helpful for me! Claire does a great job explaining meal planning and simplifying it to make it possible for anyone: She gives you ways to meal plan while saving money and takes most of the hard work out of it! I love that I can now meal plan quickly all from my phone if I need to! The freebies included are super helpful and I loved all her tips and suggestions. They are easy to remember and help make meal planning more intuitive. Also make sure to check out her recipes!!! They are delicious!

  2. Shannon Kutzke from Tenderhearted Teaching (verified owner)

    This course breaks down the overwhelm of meal planning into bite-sized steps that actually work for your own family. Claire keeps it practical, gives great resources and tips, and is so relatable you will instantly feel like she is your new best friend. It is by far the most thorough meal planning course I have taken. Just do yourself a favor and take this course.

  3. Charlie-Ann Cecil (verified owner)

    I love how personable Claire is! She is easy to listen to and has super practical and helpful tips to make meal planning and shopping so much easier. I usually struggle to meal plan. Nothing ever seems to sound good! But tonight it took me 5 minutes, was super easy and my family liked the meal plan. I am so excited to implement more of her ideas and tips! I also really loved that she took the time to talk about reading labels, and it helped me at the store with my kids to talk about the granola bars they asked for, and find a healthier option! Will definitely be keeping this on hand! ♥️

  4. Danna (verified owner)

    Claire! I finally finished watching the meal planning training this past weekend and it was amazing! Made my cheat sheet… GAME CHANGER! 👐 I was actually excited to meal plan for once! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

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