Healthy Copycat Treats: Physical Copy

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Remember those pre-packaged treats you used to get in your school lunch box? Well, this copycat treats cookbook is about to blow your mind with 37 guilt-free, real-food, simple recipes! That’s right, 37 amazing and EASY copycat dessert recipes. All these recipes are corn syrup-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, with vegan and nut-free options. Be prepared to take your taste buds back in time and enjoy these treats without guilt!



Physical Copy Cookbook Bundle

  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 10” Portrait
    Binding: Twin Loop Wire-O; black
  • Pages: 82 pages/41 sheets full color
  • Water resistant cover
  • 37 healthy recipes
  • Photo included with each recipe
  • Video included with each recipe
  • All recipes are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, naturally sweetened, corn syrup-free, with nut-free options
Weight 0.85 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9.5 × 0.5 in
Book Type

Physical Copy, E-Book

18 reviews for Healthy Copycat Treats: Physical Copy

  1. Megan Brandon (verified owner)

    This cookbook is amazing! I can’t believe how many recipes there are! Any dessert you can think of, there is a healthy recipe in there for it! And they are all soo tasty! My husband devours the mini brownie bites in one sitting.

  2. Crystalle Mitchell (verified owner)

    Literally the most perfect recipes ever! Now my kids can enjoy the snacks we all ate as kids without worrying about how unhealthy they truly are! 100 stars!!

  3. Emma Beusse (verified owner)

    simple and delicious recipes! Love that there are substitutions listed for those looking to avoid particular allergens but still want to enjoy a tasty treat.

  4. Katryna McClain (verified owner)

    This cookbook is amazing! The copycat tastes way better than the original. 10/10. Well done!

  5. Leah Sucharski (verified owner)

    I love how the recipes have a video included in the ebook, and the ones I’ve tried are all incredible remakes of classic treats. Such a great cookbook if you’re looking for a healthier treat!

  6. Tyrahn Franklin (verified owner)

    This cookbook is absolutely amazing. So excited to try more recipes.

  7. Lynn Grombacher (verified owner)

    This cookbook was so well done and is very user friendly. The QR codes are amazing and so helpful. I’ve made 2 recipes, both twice and the second time doubled the recipe because everyone loved them. Can’t wait to try more!

  8. Claudia Castillo (verified owner)

    All the recipes look delicious! I am so excited to find healthy alternatives to make our favorite family desserts. Thanks! 🙂

  9. Marie Flores (verified owner)

    I love this recipe book so much! It’s so beautiful and the recipes are delicious AND easy to follow/use. This is a true work of art!

  10. Barbara Joann Combs (verified owner)

    I purchased the cookbook to support a fellow entrepreneur and give as gifts. Immediately after I opened the package I looked through the whole cookbook because the photos are amazing!

  11. Leslie Sarna (verified owner)

    Love the cookbook, can’t wait to try these recipes for my fam! Have used Claire’s recipes before and we have absolutely loved them! Delicious and secretly healthier! 💖💖

  12. Julia Repke (verified owner)

    It’s a well made book, full of healthy desserts! My husband and I are excited to make the thin mints and I can’t wait to make the peanut butter cups ( my weakness). The cosmic brownies are amazing! It is so nice to have a book full of healthier alternatives, but also delicious at the same time!

  13. Dennis Vicrorino (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this book. Everything in it is great and with our family going gluten sugar free it’s been a great asset. Highly recommend

  14. Taylor Myers (verified owner)

    Omg YUMMY!! Tried a few of the recipes so far and SO impressed!! If you’ve been missing donuts.. make the copy cat entenmanns donuts, you will NOT regret it!! Even my picky father in law who doesn’t like healthy stuff said they were good!! 🤣😍

  15. Kelly (verified owner)

    I LOVE Claire’s cookbook! It has all my favorite snacks from when I was in school, but healthier! I love when desserts taste good and are healthy, and it’s so good you sometimes do not notice how healthy they are! I always crave sugar, so being able to get my hands on some sweets that are healthier make me feel so much better about what I eat, how I take care of my body, and how I can bless others with these treats! I 100% recommend this cookbook! Thank you!

  16. Wynndelle Woodhouse (verified owner)

    Great cookbook! Easy to follow with clear instructions and you get rewarded with yummy treat at the end:)

  17. Candace R (verified owner)

    Lovely cookbook that replaces the icky ingredients of common treats with healthier ones! For those of us who love a good sweet treat but are ingredient conscious.

  18. Whitney Thornton (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful cookbook, front to back! The pictures of each recipe look so enticing and yummy that it makes you want to make it immediately! This cookbook is great for gifting to friends and family as well. Love it!!!

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    Remember those pre-packaged treats you used to get in your school lunch box? Well, this copycat treats cookbook is about to blow your mind with 37 guilt-free, real-food, simple recipes! That’s right, 37 amazing and EASY copycat dessert recipes. All these recipes are corn syrup-freegluten-freedairy-free, with vegan and nut-free options. Be prepared to take your taste buds back in time and enjoy these treats without guilt!

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