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Online Courses: Healthy Baking Course & Meal Planning Course

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    Healthy Baking Course

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    What if you could create delicious healthy recipes the whole family will love, without needing a ton of expensive ingredients or time?

    After This Course You Will Be Able To:

    ✔ Stop stressing about all the fancy ingredients they tell you you “need” in order to bake healthy.

    ✔Make a healthy recipe the whole family would love in 15-30 minutes (including clean up time!)

    ✔ Use minimal ingredients but still achieve a delicious treat that actually is GOOD for your body!

    ✔ Understand simple ingredient swaps you can make in your kitchen to create healthier baked goods.

    ✔ Confidently serve your family a dessert that tastes amazing AND is made with ALL whole foods.

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    Meal Planning Course

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    Struggling with meal planning?

    Now you don’t have to! Let’s make meal planning and grocery shopping easy, and dare I say… fun! I’ll teach you my 5 step system that will make you the most efficient shopper and cook on the block. No more throwing away all your fresh produce because it goes bad. It’s time to take charge of your kitchen, save some money, time, and ultimately, your sanity.

    ✔ Plan your meals and grocery shop in 15 minutes!

    Cook more meals from home and save $

    ✔Make healthy recipes the whole family will love in 15-30 minutes

    Stop wasting produce and start implementing it in your cooking more and more.

    ✔ Have a go-to meal cheat sheet that will make your meal planning much simpler.

    Confidently serve your family dinner almost every night of the week, but still have the flexibility to enjoy a dinner out too!

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